Guide to fees

These fees are a guide to what you may be charged – your GP will set their own fee.

Standard, 15-minute (Level B) Consultation – $97.00 (medicare rebate $41.20)

Double, 30-minute (Level C) Consultation – $160.00 (medicare rebate $79.70)

Missed Appointments and Late Cancellations between $20 – $40 (depending on type of booking)

Saturday Standard, 15-minute (Level B) Consultation  – $107.00 (medicare rebate $41.20)

Services Without Consultation (ie referrals, prescriptions) – $25.00

Services provided by nurses - $35.00


Treatment room fee of $25.00 – $50.00

Doctor fee (out of pocket) of $125.00 – $250.00 depending on type of procedure. Please note, total cost range is $200 to $500. Out of pocket refers to amount after MBS rebate to patient.


  • When the consultation takes either less time or more time than booked, an appropriate fee will be charged.

  • Patients holding full pensioner card or heath care card entitlements may be offered discount rates.

  • You will be advised of any additional charges that may apply (for example vaccines and consumables).

  • Some services are not eligible for Medicare rebates e.g. pre-employment and insurance medicals or requests to view your medical records.

  • All fees can be discussed confidentially with your doctor and allowances can be made for your individual circumstances.